Sustainability climate-aware conference speaker

Niels has been available as a sustainability speaker since he regularly gives workshops at events about the course Self-sufficient Off-grid. He talks passionately about social sustainability themes, and with just as much ease about small details if someone specifically asks.

As the builder of the learning and resting place Strohplatz, he has gained many experiences and followed courses to refurbish this complex as self-sufficiently as possible. He combines these experiences with a critical vision of sustainability and a dose of dry humour.

For example, he talks about when CO2 savings or financial gain do not match the total ecological improvement. Or, for example, when applications seem ideal but are not scalable in practice. Zooming out -or: systems thinking- is part of this as a matter of course. From energy storage in the future to footprint reduction: Niels knows how to link many areas of knowledge. Look for descriptions at the mediakit (Dutch).

"The workshop was not only interesting, it was also wonderful to see how you discussed the topics very respectfully and yet decisively."
anonymised, Living Village festival 2018 (120 people)

Niels is also trained as a permaculture teacher, with which he can put underlying ecological concepts in a sustainable perspective if necessary. As a teacher, he also has enormous practical detailed knowledge about how you can reduce your own footprint.

As a group discussion leader, Niels uses his experiences as an internationally certified trainer Nonviolent Communication. This means that the group discussion not only runs smoothly, but also noticeably with respect and space for everyone who participates.

"Your vision on sustainability is unique: commercially, ecologically and socially feasible."
Feel free to send an email at the bottom if you would like Niels to be a speaker on sustainability.

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