Zelfvoorzienend Off-grid Cursus

Courses off-grid, permaculture and food forest, and group accomodation

Welcome at Strohplatz, an as selfsufficient as possible place for courses and group accomodation in the forestry glooming hills near Trier/Luxemburg and the Eifel region. In the Neterlands and at Strohplatz in Germany there are courses sustainable selfsufficient off-grid, nonviolent communication, forest gardening and permaculture.

A lot of items -from warm water to electricity- are built up as selfsufficient as possible. The parcel is refurbished with permaculture principles (and without mortgage). Strohplatz is the ideal place to visit if you have interest in living differently, selfsufficiency, permaculture and food forests. You can always help out in exchange for food and shelter (in time also through helpx and Wwooff).


Please contact at strohplatz _at_ strohplatz.com for one-day courses permaculture, food forestry, sustainable selfsufficient off-grid in the Netherlands, or for multiday courses at Strohplatz. Also please contact us if you want to stay over, or if we can facilitate your event or course at our place. Please look at facebook for photo's and to get notifications of events.