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Sustainability course

Do you want more sustainability in your life or company? Our Sustainability Course "Sweet Sustainability" gives you a broad overview of sustainable energy supplies and reducing your ecological footprint. You learn what causes impact and which solutions make sense (or less sense).

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In this Sustainability Course we provide a brief basic knowledge about sustainability, ecology and climate change, and then you get specific knowledge and alternatives in the areas of food, goods, transport, living, bathroom and society as a whole. We stick to sustainable things that matter, so we try to separate useful from useless. In between, you will work in groups to discuss various things.

 Pre-war wall drawing in the clay

Pre-war wall drawing in the clay

The structure is roughly as follows:

  • General introduction to sustainability, climate change. Concepts include: circular economy, difference between climate neutral and CO2 neutral and energy neutral, climate agreement, climate law.
  • Society: which social problems do we have, eg. details about waste. And what solutions, in the social and economic area.
  • Consume less: the biggest climate impact is in stuff. What exactly is that impact, and how can we make it more sustainable while it does make you happier? We also discuss minimalism.
  • Food: what is the impact of food, including meat and dairy. Rules of thumb for environmentally friendly food and drink.
  • Living / building: how can we make our home sustainable in terms of energy? Electricity and heat are also discussed here in particular. What can you do for every budget (whether or not to renovate), and in what order are which adjustments useful?
  • Bathroom / toilet: here we discuss water, heat and care products. We also discuss the total water consumption here. Enough things to discuss at a big and small level.
  • Transport: how can we make transport more sustainable? What is the impact of transport, both our daily transport and during holidays?

In this course you will get a method to integrate sustainability into your life, to do what suits you. We base ourselves on many scientific studies into happiness, sustainability, happiness and green, and the psychology behind behavioral change. Our approach -with a wink to Nonviolent Communication- invites you to look at what you really would like, what is feasible, and what really makes sense in terms of sustainability. This way you will continue to feel happier and changes will continue in the long term.

Your unique view on ecology is very inspiring to hear and invites action.


What do I know after this sustainability course?

After this sustainability course, you will have an idea of ​​why changes would be necessary in terms of sustainability (in terms of energy consumption and climate change), which adjustments are possible, and which adjustments are useful and which hardly ever. You know where you can contribute to a smaller footprint, and you know where you can save money for more sustainable solutions. You also know -for all focus areas- where you can start further quests. You can distinguish side issues and main issues. Finally, it also feels nice to take a day of sustainability seriously.

Very useful, very interesting and it tastes like more!


Who gives the basic sustainability course?

Linda Boon (psychologist) is from Bewustmaker and inspires people for a conscious, happy and sustainable life. She is a specialist in the field of Mindfulness and HSP . Linda has put together the training together with Niels, and will not be present on the day itself.

Niels Gorisse is the builder of the Strohplatz plot in Germany. For this he spent years researching off-grid components and durability. He is also a permaculture teacher and internationally certified Nonviolent Communication trainer.

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