Zelfvoorzienend Off-grid Cursus
Zelfvoorzienend Off-grid Festival les/marktstand
  • 17 mei: Omslag jubileum @ Eindhoven
  • 18 mei: Reclaim the Seeds @ Bergen
  • 31 mei: Food Autonomy festival @ Amsterdam
  • 21-23 juni: Living Village festival
  • 7 juli: Permacultuur festival
  • 14 sept: festival Het Circus
  • 15 sept: festival Groene Passie


Permaculture courses

Permaculture is a design methology which simulates processes in nature: working with nature instead of working against nature, and at the same time look at all inputs and output of the whole system on the long term. Permaculture is often connected to organic gardening, but permaculture can be applied to many more territories. Strohplatz has been filled in with as much permaculture design principles as possible.

Permaculture is a way to create processes in a sustainable way. This is often about your whole parcel, your garden of even your life. After careful observation, you might decide to plant a row of trees to minimise the wind on your parcel. Or decide to make a pond at the south of fruit trees to use the reflection of the sun. Or to build with strobales, because these do not cause any chemical garbage.

What do I learn in a permaculture course?

With permaculture you learn how to set up your place (or company). Permaculture has three ethical principles, and ten to twelve important design principles to choose and place your components. Permacultuur includes basic knowledge about the ground (mycchorizia, no digging agroculture, etc.), social permaculture (non-violent communication, sociocracy, transitiontown), plant types (families, 7 layers model), zones and more.

An example of the permaculture principes is: making sure that a required input is produced by multiple elements. The electricity at Strohplatz is an example: except the solar panels, a small water wheel will be used, so that there will always be electricity. You can always ask for the parcel plan, the permaculture design for Strohplatz. This 40+ page document starts with a chapter about observation, and then all components and their places are all motivated.

Permaculture course

At this moment there are no dates scheduled for a permaculture course. You can however request for a one-day introduction course at your own place in the Netherlands. A complete multi-day course will be available in the feature at Strohplatz in Germany. Please contact us at strohplatz apenstaartje for more information.