Zelfvoorzienend Off-grid /
Self-sustainable Off-grid
Gelukkig Groen /
Happily Green
Sociale Permacultuur /
Social Permaculture




Group accomodation in the Eifel area

Strohplatz is very suitable for all sorts of group accomodation, a vacation in the Moesel or Eifel region of Germany, and for multiday courses with sleeping over. The parcel is a house with 20 modest sleeping places, a big beautiful barn with two floors of course space and a 3.000 m2 garden which is largely food forest. The parcel is suitable for multiday courses with sleeping over, just a weekend away (as simple hostel), groups of motor cyclers, scouting groups, student societies, band studio recordings, group retrate, etc.

For example, stichting RUW visited us with 18 students from Wageningen. You can read the report from Catharine de Bruin about straw weekend 4.0.

At the moment the parcel is still under construction. Still groups can stay over in consultation, and that already happens now and then with these so called "straw weekends". Please e-mail if you want to come over and help out or if you have interest in selfsufficiency or living alternatively.


Warmth for the shower and wall heating comes from the solar tubes, so straight from the sun. Of course there is a compost toilet, and eventually the drinking water will also be filtered rainwater. You can also take a peak to the off-grid solar panel system. The thick matreasses in the rooms upstaires come without bedding, so please bring a mattress cover (and sleeping bag and pillow) with you.

On the edge of the Moesel and the Eifel the countryside is very beautiful with glooming hills, lots of forests and noticably clean air. Rorodt is next ao a big area of forests, and starting at Strohplatz there are several walking routes and bicycle routes. Beautiful cities like Cochem, Trier and Bernkastel-Kuez are very nearby, and also the craters at Daun and Gerolstein are within the reach of a daytrip.


Please contact at mailaddress strohplatz _at_ strohplatz.com for vacation, group accomodation or if you want to help several days for board and lodging. Please visit facebook for photo's of straw weekends.